Innovative retail solutions

LS Vending securing innovative retail solutions to dynamic brands wishing to expand their retail portfolio to prestigious high footfall locations throughout the UK.

Current market research suggests that the high street is failing, presenting vending as a viable alternative means of retailing and a relatively unexplored market. This sector is fast changing and provides an opportunity for major brands who are now realising the benefits of this low cost, highly visual retail experience to not only the end user, but also to the brand itself.

Offering high-profile dynamic retail solutions for innovative and forward-thinking brands, companies and marketeers wishing to either promote an existing product range or launch new products within their portfolio. Staying two steps ahead of their competitors with strong brand awareness and significant cost savings compared to traditional models of retailing; not only globally savvy business leaders and established brands but also start-ups are already taking full advantage of the benefits vending opportunities have to offer.